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September 2012 Minutes

Friends of the MVBSP
General meeting 13 September 2012
Bob Hull - acting secretary
Present (sign up sheet): Bob Hull, Lee Glick, Jan Kirwan, Win Jahnke, Gale Lewis, Gene A. Gutierrez, Ramie Rinney, Carol Edmonds, BarbSauter.
21 attendees were counted over the course of the meeting.
Presentation on Critter Cams by Vic Crane.
 Notification on Geocache Day.
Business meeting after:
Bob moves to approve minutes of last meeting, Fred Yellon seconds. Approved.
Fred: Treasurer's report:
$6972.78 as of last meeting
$85.00 in
$349.36 out
$6708.42 balance
Assets and Liabilities summary: $7404.40
Plant signs and label maker purchased and donated to Park: $140.
Walkie-Talkies - we have three.
Travel Journalists - DVD provided.
NMEEA grant application - due 1 Sept. 12. $3000 BEMP trainers. 25% match: matching hours and materials.
Farmers Market - 15 Sept. 8-12AM
Chihuahuan Desert Fest - John Reed and Alex (Mares). Franklin Mt. s.p. 8-4PM.
Geocaching Day - 29 Sept. 8AM. Logo-trackable path tags on order.
Burrowing Owls - Vic Crane - no news.
Salt Cedar removal - no responses, except Barb Sauter.
iPad - $250 donated by MVAS, ordered 13 Sept.
New Business:
Nominating Committee - Barb desires to give up Membership chair.
Newsletter editor - Mary Lessman or Pat Hulser.
LuAnn's award - Jackye will send links.
Judy Yellon - suggests a bird photo program, perhaps with material from
Ken Stinnett.
20:20 - Jackye moves to adjourn, Win seconds. Approved.
Respectfully submitted, 24 November, 2012.
Bob Hull - vice president.