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June 2010 Minutes

Location: Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park
begin 6:34PM

Guest speaker: Paul Harper of the Asombro Institute for Science Education.
Asombro owns the Chihuahuan Desert Nature Park.
The Chihuahuan is the largest desert in North America and the most
Eastern. Mr. Harper covered many of the species found, including:

Tarantula Hawk Wasp - NM state insect
Roadrunner - NM state bird
American Black Bear - NM state mammal
Soaptree Yucca - NM state flower

Friends business:
Jerry Moser moves for approval of minutes May 3rd, 2010 - Bob seconds.
Treasurer reports balance of $4587.00

Bob reported on the Albuquerque trip.

LuAnn Tafoya - acting manager of MVBSP requested volunteers for the
visitor's center. reports on plants for the garden and plant markers
being installed. Road signs have been received, but not sign posts.
Flags have been mounted on building. A substantial grant ($72k) has
been received for salt cedar removal; the Park needs planning help to
accomplish the grant. The green trim on the buildings was repainted by
prison crew members. The $600 grant from Tour of Gardens was approved
and should be arriving. LuAnn got a photo of a Bobcat on the road, May

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Hull
president - FoMVBSP