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July 2012 Minutes

Friends of the Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park

Meeting Minutes

General Meeting –July 6, 2012 7:00 p.m. 

Meeting location: Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park

Vic Crane, President, called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

Present: Sign-in sheet, maintained with secretary copy of minutes.

 New Business:

Lecture and presentation by Jerry Goffe, photographer.  Mr. Goffe detailed the 10 most-asked questions about his photography and how he answers them. The presentation was attended by approximately 24 people and lasted until 8:20, with many questions after the excellent lecture and projection of his photographs.  He will be conducting a workshop Saturday at the park for photographers who have registered for it.  Workshop filled as of Friday evening.  Following Mr. Goffe’s presentation, the Friends held a short business meeting: 

Meeting minutes from the April 24 meeting were approved.

Since the Treasurer was absent, there was no report. 

Old Business:

1. Walkie-Talkies to be used to communicate between volunteers at the Visitors’ Center and Park Staff when the latter need to be out of the park: These have arrived and are being used. One of the pair has been damaged and will either be repaired or replaced. 

2. Video cameras from Tech Soup: we purchased 6 for a total of $55. Their first use has been by campers enrolled at the Park’s summer day camp; they will be used in the education programs at the Park during the year.

3. Burrowing owl project:  Vic showed a prototype of the burrow we are building for the owls. We hope to have a total of 7 (6 to use and one as a model) by the end of the summer.  Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum exhibit coordinator and volunteers will build cages for the fledglings, with the Friends supplying the materials for this.

4. Camera Club Exhibit – opened June 23rd and has been viewed by a number of enthusiastic visitors. It continues in the exhibit space. We hope to develop other exhibits in the future to make use of this space.

5. Summer Day Camp – 18 children participated in Week 2; Week 1 did not have sufficient enrollment and was canceled.  The first year has been a great success.

6. Friends’ Brochure: This has been finished, and a number printed up. Vic passed out samples.  General appreciation expressed to have a brochure at last.

7. Workshop for teachers – Vic, Bob Hull and the Park Staff participated in this. Videos taken by the critter cameras were displayed to the teachers attending the Scientific Connected Community Summit. Goal was to make these teachers aware of the park and also the education opportunities and programs that are available at the park.  Some discussion of allowing the teachers to use these videos as content for their classes

8. NatureTech Project:  Bob has contacted several potential sponsors of the event. REI in Albuquerque doesn’t sponsor events so far away from their location, but they may be tapped to provide samples, gifts and so forth. Dick’s Sporting Goods, due to open in Las Cruces this fall, has an extensive application process for sponsorship; Bob completed the application and submitted it this week. 

New Business:  None

Move to adjourn (Jackye), seconded (Bob), unanimously approved at 8:45 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Ansara, Secretary