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January 2012 Minutes

Friends of the Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park
Meeting Minutes
Annual Meeting – January 7, 2012 8:30 a.m.
Meeting location: Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park
Sylvia Hacker, President, called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m.
Annual elections were held, with the candidates listed in last month’s meeting minutes running for 2012 Board and Officer positions. Sylvia Hacker counted the ballots, and Jan Kirwan, Park Superintendent, verified the count. The results:

President: Vic Crane
Vice President: Bob Hull
Secretary: Susan Ansara
Treasurer: Melissa Kosier
Board Members: Winifred Jahnke, Al Krueger, Jackye Meinecke, Jerry Moser, and Fred

Bob Hull took over the meeting. He expressed thanks to the outgoing officers (Jerry Moser, Sylvia Hacker) for their service to the FMVBSP.

Treasurer’s report: Jerry Moser reported that as of 12/3/11, the balance in the treasury was $5,930.24. Receipts during the month of December totaled $607.75, from membership renewals, the donation box at the Park, and the sale of raffle tickets for the quilt. Expenses in December were $250, to support the Park’s Anniversary celebration.
The current balance is: $6,285.99 as of 1/7/12.

The quilt raffle was reported as successful to the membership. The winner had bought a ticket the day of the anniversary event and was present for the drawing, so Vic was able to get a photograph, of which we sent a copy along with our thanks to the Las Colcheras Quilt Guild, who had donated the quilt.

Nature Tech Event: Vic Crane presented Nature Tech as a signature event for the Friends, planned for October 6; members are asked to hold that date in anticipation of more details to come. The members present approved the event.  
Park Pass Distribution: Annual Park passes for the MVBSP were distributed to those members in good standing who were present at the meeting. Anyone eligible to receive the pass who did not attend the meeting can pick up the pass from Jan Kirwan, the park superintendent; Jan requested that people phone first to be sure she is available,
as the passes will be kept in a secure place.

Volunteer Form for Friends: Susan Ansara described the volunteer form that has been developed for Friends to fill out, in order that they are covered by the State Park’s umbrella liability insurance coverage while volunteering at any Friends-sponsored events at the park. Requiring this form will necessitate a change to the Friends’ By- Laws, and we hope to have the new system in place within the next few months.

Best Friends Recognition: Bob Hull announced that several Friends members who are not officers or Board members have taken on numerous responsibilities in the past year and that the Friends wanted to recognize their service with the “Best Friends Award”. This year’s Best Friends are: Diane Azcarate, Barb Sauter, and Annette Slater. Each Best Friend received a certificate and a gift card as a small token of our appreciation for their extraordinary service over the past year.

Bob reminded members that several officers and Board members will need to cycle off the Friends’ organization after this year. Our by-laws state that 4 years is the maximum that one can serve continuously; after that, one must take at least one year off. Friends members are urged to consider service themselves in the coming years.

Jan announced that Jan. 21 there will be a ribbon cutting for the opening of the Resaca Trail. Feb. 4 will be World Wetlands Day, which will be marked at the Park with an event.

Vic corrected information sent out in the December Newsletter: The Nature walks scheduled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday are at 3 p.m., not 3:30 as was listed.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Ansara, Secretary