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December 2012 Minutes

Meeting location: Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park

Vic Crane, President, called the meeting to order at 9:12 a.m.

Present: Sign-in sheet, maintained with secretary copy of minutes.

 Approval of Minutes from Sept. 13 meeting:  Susan moved; Annette seconded. Passed unanimously

Treasurer’s Report: Not available at the meeting, but sent later and attached to minutes.

 Officer and Board Member applicants for 2013 – Election on January 12, 2013

President:            Vic Crane

Vice President:    Pat Hulser

Secretary:            Susan Ansara

Treasurer:           Pamela Crane

Board Members

         Win Jahnke

         Al Krueger

         Fred Yellon

         Walt Whitford

         Stan Chiocchio

 Old Business:

         Completed Projects:

                   Solar-powered lights at entrance – Al handled this project. Thanks to him, the park sign is visible in the dark now.

                   Donated Laptop (donated by Vic) – Located in Jan’s office for use by staff and educators

         Ongoing Projects:

                   iPad in Visitors’ Center – Has been purchased and is at the Park. Needs lock and then can be mounted inside the large window, on a swing arm.

                 Environmental Education Association of NM grant application: Results have not yet been announced, but should be soon. The start date for the grant, if we receive one, will now be Jan-Jan.

                   Newsletter editor:  Pat Hulser was introduced to any who may not know him. Compliments on the newsletter look and contents.

                   Burrowing Owls: Burrows will be put in the ground within the next month.

                   Membership Cards: Vic showed the new laminating machine for the cards. After the elections for next year’s officers, Treasurer, Secretary and Membership Coordinator will meet to discuss the process of mailing them out.

 New Business:

 Holiday/Anniversary Event:

Pat Hulser is working with Jan on this. Event will be Sunday, December 16 from 1 to 6 p.m. Live Music will be part of the event. A photo display “Winter in the Desert” is being assembled from the Doña Ana Camera Club. A Santa will be present, and we will offer photos with well-behaved leashed pets for $5 each. Families may take photos of their children and Santa at no charge. Volunteers are needed to staff the desk for the photos.  Suggestion that we staff a table at the Farmers’ Market 1 and/or 2 weeks prior to advertise the event.  Need for a Santa Suit for the Santa volunteer; will cost $60-$90. Friends will supply cider mix, hot chocolate and cookies. Cost should be well below the $400 budgeted for this event.  Luminarias will be set out at the entrance and some courtyard walls.  A Christmas tree has been donated (Vic) and can be set up where desired. 

 Water for Wildlife (W4W)

Possible new project to place several 100-gallon wildlife watering stations in the park to help wildlife stay in the park now that the ponds have dried up. These stations are about $400 each. We are considering getting two of these and placing them where they can be filled weekly from the Polaris.  Jan has preliminary approval from Rolf and is waiting a response from David Certain.  We should be able to get donations from businesses and clubs to fund some of the cost but would like to move forward with getting the systems prior to raising funds.

 Additional Items:

 Barb Sauter reminded the group that this is her last year as membership coordinator. She suggested we may want to move memberships to Jan-Dec for everyone (currently, we offer a year from whatever date people send in their membership form). She will prepare the list of members eligible for the free park passes for our January meeting. The list needs to go to the State office.

 Possible Bike-Hike in the spring:  Would start at the town center in Mesilla; bike to park; walk/run the trails; bike back to town center. It would be a fun-run and fund-raiser, not a competitive race.

 Images from the Critter Cams:  javelinas, raccoons, quail.  A bobcat on top of the shelter near one of the cameras. 

 John Reed (Pancho Villa State Park) will be working here part-time. Reminder that starting this week, the Park is closed to visitors on Monday and Tuesday.

 Move to adjourn (Bob), seconded (Pamela), unanimously approved at 9:54 a.m.

 Respectfully submitted,

Susan Ansara, Secretary