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April 2011 Minutes

Friends of the Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park

30 April 2011 - MVBSP

Attendees: Sylvia Hacker, Robert Hull, Vic Crane, Winifred Jahnke, Diane Azcarate, Annette Slater, Jennifer & Tom Herman

Guest: LuAnn Tafoya, MVBSP staff

Meeting commenced at 9AM

Sylvia Hacker introduced Vic Crane who shared a photo show of Lauren Ross' MVBSP Trail Cam work from October 2010. The NMSU research project was used to test baiting and locations for the attraction of vertebrates in the Park. Animals seen included: mice, rats, kangaroo rat, coyote, quail, owl, javelina, roadrunner, feral cat, raccoon, skunk, flicker, thrasher.

Robert Hull read the Minutes from the 08 January 2011 meeting. The motion to approve was made by Annette Slater and seconded by Winifred Jahnke. Motion carried unanimously.

Robert Hull read the Treasurer's report provided by Jerry Moser dated April 27. The Current balance was $5464.57. Disbursements included an advance against a "Keep New Mexico Beautiful" grant for LuAnn Tafoya. A motion to approve the report was made by Vic Crane and seconded by Diane Azcarate. Motion passed unanimously.

Winifred Jahnke reported on the Las Cruces Farmer's Market and the prospect of the Friends having a booth at the Saturday market. The city permits one day per month fee-free for non-profits, on a fist-come first-served basis.
The next scheduled date is May 7 beginning at 07:30 AM, with the booth open to the public from 08-12 AM. Winifred asked for assistance with the booth from the attendees.

Vic Crane reported that the Friends have ordered six "Magiscopes" (field microscopes) for Park education use.

LuAnn Tafoya spoke about the "Keep NM Beautiful" grant and showed the plantings in the front area of the visitor's center. Also, as part of a restoration grant, new docent training and volunteer programming is underway, taught by Nancy Stotz.

The Park will be closed on May 09-10-11 for work on the levee, including the entry road.

Vic Crane presented to LuAnn a digital camera donation from Jean & Dave Hunter.

LuAnn introduced new Park seasonal employee Fernando Clemente.

Vic spoke about the on-line survey conducted for the Friends. The survey ran from April 04-24, 2011. There were 24 responses and a summary of the results will presented at a future meeting.

Tom Herman asked if anyone had suggested asking for a donation of a spotting scope (telescope) for the Park's use. The response was that the Park had asked for more binoculars.

Mention was made that the Audubon Rio de Vida event will likely be held in November, a week or two before the (Bosque del Apache) Festival of the Cranes.

In honor of Jackye Meinecke, Bob Hull moved for adjournment. Motion seconded by Annette Slater.